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weblib: MDL-16293: background-color attribute stripped from html. Add…

…ing 'background-color' attribute to $ALLOWED_PROTOCOLS array so kses doesn't drop it.

weblib: MDL-15963: Backporting the addition of font-family and text-decoration while i'm here for consistency.
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ericmerrill committed Dec 3, 2008
1 parent 157deca commit 023bf0157945ad6ac47b01fe77365b832348a485
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  1. +2 −2 lib/weblib.php
@@ -85,8 +85,8 @@
* @global string $ALLOWED_PROTOCOLS
$ALLOWED_PROTOCOLS = array('http', 'https', 'ftp', 'news', 'mailto', 'rtsp', 'teamspeak', 'gopher', 'mms',
- 'color', 'callto', 'cursor', 'text-align', 'font-size', 'font-weight', 'font-style',
- 'border', 'margin', 'padding', 'background'); // CSS as well to get through kses
+ 'color', 'callto', 'cursor', 'text-align', 'font-size', 'font-weight', 'font-style', 'font-family',
+ 'border', 'margin', 'padding', 'background', 'background-color', 'text-decoration'); // CSS as well to get through kses
/// Functions

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