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Added support to the popup window feature

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1 parent d6efe30 commit 03f3b3b59c0b901c89bf56faf7c85c3968633252 bobopinna committed Jun 21, 2004
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@@ -10,13 +10,27 @@
$string['browsed'] = 'Browsed';
$string['browsemode'] = 'Browse Mode';
$string['chooseapacket'] = 'Choose or update a SCORM package';
+$string['configframesize'] = 'This value is the size (in pixels) of the top frame (which contains the navigation) when you play a scorm package.';
+$string['configpopup'] = 'When adding a new scorm package which is able to be shown in a popup window, should this option be enabled by default?';
+$string['configpopupheight'] = 'What height should be the default height for new popup windows?';
+$string['configpopupresizable'] = 'Should popup windows be resizable by default?';
+$string['configpopupscrollbars'] = 'Should popup windows be scrollable by default?';
+$string['configpopupstatus'] = 'Should popup windows show the status bar by default?';
+$string['configpopupwidth'] = 'What width should be the default width for new popup windows?';
$string['completed'] = 'Completed';
$string['coursestruct'] = 'Course structure';
$string['coursepacket'] = 'Course package';
$string['datadir'] = 'Filesystem Error: Can\'t create course data directory';
$string['entercourse'] = 'Enter SCORM course';
$string['failed'] = 'Failed';
$string['incomplete'] = 'Incomplete';
+$string['newheight'] = 'Default window height (in pixels)';
+$string['newresizable'] = 'Allow the window to be resized';
+$string['newscrollbars'] = 'Allow the window to be scrolled';
+$string['newstatus'] = 'Show the status bar';
+$string['newwidth'] = 'Default window width (in pixels)';
+$string['newwindow'] = 'New window';
+$string['newwindowopen'] = 'Display this scorm package in a new popup window';
$string['next'] = 'Continue';
$string['nomanifest'] = 'Manifest not found';
$string['noreports'] = 'No report to display';

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