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Merge branch 'MDL-25241_forum_search_ratings_20' of git://…

…andyjdavis/moodle into MOODLE_20_STABLE
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Aparup Banerjee
Aparup Banerjee committed Sep 27, 2011
2 parents a53366f + 1239f5a commit 041d4b3fab25d45e81f34f2b0ca4229621433b78
Showing with 28 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +28 −0 mod/forum/search.php
@@ -158,6 +158,17 @@
//including this here to prevent it being included if there are no search results
//set up the ratings information that will be the same for all posts
$ratingoptions = new stdClass();
$ratingoptions->component = 'mod_forum';
$ratingoptions->ratingarea = 'post';
$ratingoptions->userid = $USER->id;
$ratingoptions->returnurl = $PAGE->url->out(false);
$rm = new rating_manager();
@@ -227,6 +238,23 @@
$post->subject = $fullsubject;
$post->subjectnoformat = true;
//add the ratings information to the post
//Unfortunately seem to have do this individually as posts may be from different forums
if ($forum->assessed != RATING_AGGREGATE_NONE) {
$modcontext = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_MODULE, $cm->id);
$ratingoptions->context = $modcontext;
$ratingoptions->items = array($post);
$ratingoptions->aggregate = $forum->assessed;//the aggregation method
$ratingoptions->scaleid = $forum->scale;
$ratingoptions->assesstimestart = $forum->assesstimestart;
$ratingoptions->assesstimefinish = $forum->assesstimefinish;
$postswithratings = $rm->get_ratings($ratingoptions);
if ($postswithratings && count($postswithratings)==1) {
$post = $postswithratings[0];
// Identify search terms only found in HTML markup, and add a warning about them to
// the start of the message text. However, do not do the highlighting here. forum_print_post
// will do it for us later.

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