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@@ -1,22 +1,9 @@
-<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Teachers</B></P>
+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>关于教师</B></P>
-<P>This page shows the list of people who are assigned to be
- "teachers" in this course (by the system administrator).
-<P>You can use this form to assign a role (title) to each person
- such as "Professor", "Tutor", "Assistant" and so on. These
- will appear on the site's course listing and also on the
- list of participants for your course. If you leave the
- role empty then the default word for teacher will be used
- (the one you set in the Course Settings page).
+ <P>你可以用此表单对每个人赋予“教授”、“讲师”、“助教”等头衔。这将显示于网站的课程列表中,也出现于课程的师生名录列表。如果你对“职务”一栏留空不填,那么将使用默认的称呼(你可以在课程设置页中设定)。
-<P>You can also order this list (to put the main teacher at the
- top, for example). Simply select numbers from the menus
- in the "Order" column. After pressing "Save changes" you will
- see the new order.
+ <P>你还可以对此列表重新排序(比如把主要的教师放在前面)。只需在“次序”一栏中从下拉选单中选择数字。点按“保存更改”之后你就可以看到你的排序。
-<P><B>NOTE:</B> A special case occurs if you use select "Hide"
- for a teacher. In this case, the teacher will
- NOT BE SHOWN on the course listings or the list of
- participants. They will be "hidden" from students
- (unless they post messages to the forums etc)
+ <P><B>注意:</B>有个比较特别的情况,就是你对一个教师选择了“隐藏”,这种情况下,该教师将不会出现在课程列表或师生名录中,学生看不见他,除非他在论坛中发表帖子。
@@ -127,8 +127,8 @@
$string['defaultcoursestudent'] = "学生";
$string['defaultcoursestudents'] = "学生";
$string['defaultcoursesummary'] = "写一段简明有趣的文字介绍一下该课程";
-$string['defaultcourseteacher'] = "教师";
-$string['defaultcourseteachers'] = "教师";
+$string['defaultcourseteacher'] = "老师";
+$string['defaultcourseteachers'] = "老师";
$string['delete'] = "删除";
$string['deletecheck'] = "删除 \$a吗?";
$string['deletecheckfull'] = "你真的确定要彻底删除 \$a 吗?";
@@ -516,7 +516,7 @@
$string['restoreto'] = "恢复到";
$string['returningtosite'] = "重访本站吗?";
$string['revert'] = "回复";
-$string['role'] = "角色";
+$string['role'] = "职务";
$string['savechanges'] = "保存更改";
$string['search'] = "搜索";
$string['searchagain'] = "再次搜索";

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