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Just making this more relevant for the CVS update junkies :-)

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-<H3> Release notes for Moodle 1.0.5 </H3>
+<H3> Release notes for Moodle 1.0.6 dev</H3>
-<P> New features (since 1.0.4): </P>
+<P> New features (since 1.0.5): </P>
-<DT> Configuration
-<DD> Most variables are now stored in the database and modifed using an
- admin form - this means config.php can be much shorter (only 8 items).
- The GD version is now auto-detected on all versions of PHP.
- New authentication plug-ins are now supported (auth directory).
<DT> Language improvements
-<DD> We have three new languages! French, Finnish and Portuguese (Brazil).
- The authors are on the credits page in the Moodle documentation.
- Also, languages can now be easily edited directly via an admin web page.
-<DT> Theme improvements
-<DD> The standard theme code has been tidied up. It is now easier to
- hack them and make your own themes. Existing themes are 100%
- compatible. One new feature is that the home page can have a
- different look to the other pages. A new standardlogo theme has
- been added that shows you how to put your logo on the front page
- (eg like does)
-<DT> User improvements
-<DD> The user profile editing page now has a better layout.
- The list of participants now switches to various "condensed modes"
- when displaying larger classes. All user listings now support
- sorting by column. The admin user can now delete (disable) user
- accounts so that the user isn't displayed anywhere. Individual
- users can choose their own display language (so that all web pages
- and mailouts will be in that language).
-<DT> Activity improvements
-<DD> The "recent activity" box now also shows journal entries and
- submitted assignments and surveys. The guest user can no longer
- edit *anything* at all. A new reading type called "HTML text"
- allows experienced users to use pure HTML.
+<DD> Italian has been added!
<DT> Miscellaneous
-<DD> Many tweaks to the interface and small bugs fixed, such as the one
- that displayed the guest icon sometimes on course listings, even
- when guest was actually disabled.
+<DD> Many tweaks to the interface and small bugs fixed.

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