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NOBUG updated readme file with changes made to code

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jamiepratt authored and timhunt committed Apr 14, 2011
1 parent 13264f3 commit 06329db4531d1435b6b807199865b492a139cca4
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Description of EvalMath library import into Moodle
Our changes:
* implicit multiplication not allowed
* implicit multiplication (optionally) not allowed
* new custom calc emulation functions
* removed e and pi constants - not used in calc
* removed (optionally) e and pi constants - not used in calc
* removed sample files
* Fix a == FALSE that should have been === FALSE.
* added $expecting_op = true; for branch where a function with no operands is found to fix bug.
* moved pattern for func and var names into a static var
* made a function to test a string to see if it is a valid func or var name.
* localized strings
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