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MDL-33785 theme_base: RTL fixes added to style/filemanager.css


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1 parent 334de6b commit 088511ded6b1b8b8c65982af1929b2574ed207db @lazydaisy lazydaisy committed with Sam Hemelryk Jun 15, 2012
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  1. +8 −1 theme/base/style/filemanager.css
@@ -385,6 +385,13 @@ a.ygtvspacer:hover {color: transparent;text-decoration: none;}
*file picker search dialog
.file-picker {text-align:left;}
-.dir-rtl .file-picker {text-align:right;}
+/* RTL Overrides
+.dir-rtl .file-picker {text-align: right;}
+.dir-rtl .file-picker .fp-pathbar {text-align: right;}
+.dir-rtl .file-picker .fp-list {text-align: right;}
+.dir-rtl .filepicker .yui-layout-unit-left {left: 500px;}
+.dir-rtl .filepicker .yui-layout-unit-center {left: 0;}
+.dir-rtl #filemenu .yuimenuitemlabel {text-align: right;}
.dir-rtl .filemanager-container .yui3-skin-sam .yui3-datatable-header {text-align: right;}

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