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Now courses are deleted from backup_courses when they have been

deleted from Moodle. See:

Merged from MOODLE_14_STABLE
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stronk7 committed Nov 4, 2004
1 parent ed3d2f4 commit 0a23fdb759afeea6faedd4f40fa9087a45f86a9a
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  1. +16 −0 backup/backup_scheduled.php
@@ -63,6 +63,22 @@ function schedule_backup_cron() {
//Now we get a list of courses in the server
if ($status) {
mtrace(" Checking courses");
//First of all, we delete everything from backup tables related to deleted courses
mtrace(" Skipping deleted courses");
$skipped = 0;
if ($bckcourses = get_records('backup_courses')) {
foreach($bckcourses as $bckcourse) {
//Search if it exists
if (!$exists = get_record('course', 'id', "$bckcourse->courseid")) {
//Doesn't exist, so delete from backup tables
delete_records('backup_courses', 'courseid', "$bckcourse->courseid");
delete_records('backup_log', 'courseid', "$bckcourse->courseid");
mtrace(" $skipped courses");
//Now process existing courses
$courses = get_records("course");
//For each course, we check (insert, update) the backup_course table
//with needed data

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