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MDL-12463, do not backup mod gradeitems if not selected

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toyomoyo committed Dec 11, 2007
1 parent ed8bd39 commit 0abcfef0c9abe31a954c965151d6309c1f0d6ad3
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  1. +5 −0 backup/backuplib.php
@@ -1496,6 +1496,11 @@ function backup_gradebook_item_info($bf,$preferences, $backupall) {
// do not restore if this grade_item is a mod, and
if ($grade_item->itemtype == 'mod') {
// this still needs to be included, though grades can be ignored
//MDL-12463 - exclude grade_items of instances not chosen for backup
if (empty($preferences->mods[$grade_item->itemmodule]->instances[$grade_item->iteminstance]->backup)) {
} else if ($grade_item->itemtype == 'category') {
// if not all grade items are being backed up
// we ignore this type of grade_item and grades associated

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