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Upgraded to phpmailer 1.60

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1 parent d2e378f commit 0b821adfdcd31c34ff4a42832eaf762fb0ccb285 martin committed May 18, 2002
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+Version 1.60 (Sat, Mar 30 2002)
+* Sendmail pipe and address patch (Christian Holtje)
+* Added embedded image and read confirmation support (A. Ognio)
+* Added unit tests
+* Added SMTP timeout support (*nix only)
+* Added possibly temporary PluginDir variable for SMTP class
+* Added LE message line ending variable
+* Refactored boundary and attachment code
+* Eliminated SMTP class warnings
+* Added SendToQueue method for future queuing support
+Version 1.54 (Wed, Dec 19 2001)
+* Add some queuing support code
+* Fixed a pesky multi/alt bug
+* Messages are no longer forced to have "To" addresses
Version 1.50 (Thu, Nov 08 2001)
* Fix extra lines when not using SMTP mailer
* Set WordWrap variable to int with a zero default

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