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MDL-34868 update deprecated Google maps API V2 key info

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1 parent 76c9fcc commit 0df0664e4d5d3cfe2bce706fcfea8891459e2bc4 @skodak skodak committed
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4 lang/en/admin.php
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@
$string['configgdversion'] = 'Indicate the version of GD that is installed. The version shown by default is the one that has been auto-detected. Don\'t change this unless you really know what you\'re doing.';
$string['configgeoipfile'] = 'Location of GeoIP City binary data file. This file is not part of Moodle distribution and must be obtained separately from <a href="">MaxMind</a>. You can either buy a commercial version or use the free version.<br />Simply download <a href="" ></a> and extract it into "{$a}" directory on your server.';
$string['configgetremoteaddrconf'] = 'If your server is behind a reverse proxy, you can use this setting to specify which HTTP headers can be trusted to contain the remote IP address. The headers are read in order, using the first one that is available.';
-$string['configgooglemapkey'] = 'You need to enter a special key to use Google Maps for IP address lookup visualization. You can obtain the key free of charge at <a href="" ></a>.<br />Your web site URL is: {$a}';
+$string['configgooglemapkey'] = 'You need to enter a special key to use Google Maps for IP address lookup visualization. You can obtain the key free of charge at <a href=""></a>.<br />Your web site URL is: {$a}';
$string['configgradebookroles'] = 'This setting allows you to control who appears on the gradebook. Users need to have at least one of these roles in a course to be shown in the gradebook for that course.';
$string['configgradeexport'] = 'Choose which gradebook export formats are your primary methods for exporting grades. Chosen plugins will then set and use a "last exported" field for every grade. For example, this might result in exported records being identified as being "new" or "updated". If you are not sure about this then leave everything unchecked.';
$string['confighiddenuserfields'] = 'Select which user information fields you wish to hide from other users other than course teachers/admins. This will increase student privacy. Hold CTRL key to select multiple fields.';
@@ -546,7 +546,7 @@
$string['globalswarning'] = '<p><strong>SECURITY WARNING!</strong></p><p> To operate properly, Moodle requires <br />that you make certain changes to your current PHP settings.</p><p>You <em>must</em> set <code>register_globals=off</code>.</p><p>This setting is controlled by editing your <code>php.ini</code>, Apache/IIS <br />configuration or <code>.htaccess</code> file.</p>';
$string['groupenrolmentkeypolicy'] = 'Group enrolment key policy';
$string['groupenrolmentkeypolicy_desc'] = 'Turning this on will make Moodle check group enrolment keys against a valid password policy.';
-$string['googlemapkey'] = 'Google Maps API key';
+$string['googlemapkey'] = 'Google Maps API V2 key';
$string['gotofirst'] = 'Go to first missing string';
$string['gradebook'] = 'Gradebook';
$string['gradebookroles'] = 'Graded roles';

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