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-<p align="center"><strong>Fields</strong></p>
<p>On this screen you can create the fields that will be a part of your database.</p>
<p>Each field allows different types of data, with different interfaces.</p>
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-<p align="center"><strong>Participants</strong></p>
<p>This setting allows you to restrict who can add entries to this database. It does not affect who can read the entries.</p>
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-<p align="center"><strong>Save as Preset</strong></p>
+<h1>Save as Preset</h1>
<p>This publishes the current templates as a preset which anyone on
the site can view and use. It will appear in the preset list. You will
be able to remove it at any time.</p>
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-<p align="center"><strong>Use Preset</strong></p>
+<h1>Use Preset</h1>
<p> Uses a template available to the whole site.</p>
<p> Also, if you've added the preset to the library using the 'Save as
Preset' feature then you can delete it.</p>
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
<h1>With selected users...</h1>
-<p align="center"><u>Add / send message</u></p>
+<h3>Add / send message</h3>
<p>This allows you to select multiple users to compose and send an instant message to.</p>
-<p align="center"><u>Extend enrolment</u></p>
-<p>Even if your course has a set enrolment period you may give students extended access for up to a year</p>
+<h3>Extend enrolment</h3>
+<p>Even if your course has a set enrolment period you may give students extended access for up to a year</p>
@@ -9,37 +9,37 @@ <h1>Window settings</h1>
<p>However, if you wish to have your resource appear in a new popup window follow these steps:</p>
- <li>In the <b>Window:</b> section, select 'New Window'.</li>
+ <li>In the <strong>Window:</strong> section, select 'New Window'.</li>
<li>Deselect the options that you do not wish to use.<br />
- <b>Allow the window to be resized?</b>
+ <strong>Allow the window to be resized?</strong>
Keeping this item selected will allow users to change the size of the window that you have defined,
and should almost always be left selected. However, sometimes the resource is a fixed size and
it may make sense to lock the window size.</p>
- <b>Allow the window to be scrolled?</b>
+ <strong>Allow the window to be scrolled?</strong>
This item will allow users to scroll through the window to see all your resource.
If this item is unchecked, users will only see what fits in the defined window size and will not
be allowed to scroll the window to see the rest of the resource.</p>
- <b>Show the directory links?</b>
+ <strong>Show the directory links?</strong>
<p>This will allow users to see the their directory links in this window. This varies per browser: it might be
known as the Links Bar (in IE), the Favourites Bar or the Bookmarks bar (in Mozilla/Firefox).</p>
- <b>Show the location bar?</b>
+ <strong>Show the location bar?</strong>
<p>Do you want your users to see the URL (Web address) of the resource? If so, leave this option checked. Otherwise, the resource location will be hidden.</p>
- <b>Show the menu bar?</b>
+ <strong>Show the menu bar?</strong>
<p>To let your users have access to the menu bar in this window, leave this item checked. Generally this is
useful but for some graphical presentations it looks better without a menu bar.</p>
- <b>Show the toolbar?</b>
+ <strong>Show the toolbar?</strong>
<p>Showing the toolbar will make it easier for your users to navigate as it provides Back/Forward, Home, and Refresh buttons.</p>
- <b>Show the status bar?</b>
+ <strong>Show the status bar?</strong>
<p>Showing the Status bar allows people to monitor browser information like how much of a resource has been loaded, or security information.</p>
@@ -4,11 +4,11 @@ <h2>How To Wiki</h2>
Moodle's wiki is based on
-<a href="" target="_blank">ErfurtWiki</a>,
+<a href="">ErfurtWiki</a>,
which is an implementation of the
-<a href="" target="_blank">WikiWikiWeb</a>
+<a href="">WikiWikiWeb</a>
hypertext system. It allows simple collaborative editing and creation of web pages.</p>
@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ <h4> Pictures</h4>
<h4>Further readings</h4>
-There are more possibilities for Wiki mark-up. Please consult the <a href="" target="_blank">Erfurt Wiki Homepage</a> for more information.
+There are more possibilities for Wiki mark-up. Please consult the <a href="">Erfurt Wiki Homepage</a> for more information.
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
<h1>HTML Mode</h1>
-<p>You have the following possibilities:
+<p>You have the following possibilities:</p>
<dt>No HTML</dt>
<dd>Escapes all HTML-Tags. Formatting is done through the WikiWords. Filters work in this Mode.</dd>
@@ -9,5 +9,3 @@ <h1>HTML Mode</h1>
<dt>HTML only</dt>
<dd>No WikiWords, just HTML. This option allows the use of the HTML-Editor.</dd>

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