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Adding event from day view defaults to that day for event start.

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defacer committed May 24, 2004
1 parent 0d5d9de commit 11b0ffe898f07b3562355f93353c73559ac9a274
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@@ -198,6 +198,7 @@ function calendar_show_day($d, $m, $y, $courses, $groups, $users) {
calendar_course_filter_selector($getvars).'</div><div style="float: right;">';
$text.= '<form style="display: inline;" action="'.CALENDAR_URL.'event.php" method="get">';
$text.= '<input type="hidden" name="action" value="new" />';
$text.= '<input type="hidden" name="cal_d" value="'.$d.'" />';
$text.= '<input type="hidden" name="cal_m" value="'.$m.'" />';
$text.= '<input type="hidden" name="cal_y" value="'.$y.'" />';
$text.= '<input type="submit" value="'.get_string('newevent', 'calendar').'" />';

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