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Removed the warning about locking use profile fields because this bug…

… was solved.
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@@ -168,15 +168,6 @@ The current implementation has not yet been extensively tested. So there may be
bugs. Please send bug reports concerning the Shibboleth part to
Lukas Haemmerle <>
-So far there is one bug known concerning Shibboleth although it's not a bug
-caused by the Shibboleth authentication but a general bug.
-- If certain user profile fields are locked, users may not be able to update
-their user profile at all because Moodle complains that certain locked values
-were tried to change. This bug has to do with the disabling of the locked form
-fields and will hopefully somewhen get fixed. Therefore it is not yet
-recommended to lock the user fields.
In case of problems and questions with Shibboleth authentication, contact
Lukas Haemmerle <> or Markus Hagman <>

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