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MDL-28566 theme_base: removed MDL comment

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1 parent 69a62c2 commit 124414cc5ec0a2e6a29d35b0994bff8eedd787bd Sam Hemelryk committed Oct 3, 2011
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  1. +2 −2 theme/base/style/user.css
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
.userinfobox .userpicture {width: 100px;height: 100px;}
.userinfobox .content {vertical-align: top;}
.userinfobox .links {width: 100px;padding: 5px;vertical-align: bottom;}
-.userinfobox .links a {display: block;} /* MDL-28566 FIX for participants user details */
+.userinfobox .links a {display: block;}
.userinfobox .list td {padding: 3px;}
.userinfobox .username {padding-bottom: 20px;font-weight: bold;}
.userinfobox td.label {text-align:right;white-space: nowrap;vertical-align: top;font-weight:bold;}
@@ -52,4 +52,4 @@
.dir-rtl .descriptionbox {margin-right: 110px;margin-left: 0px; }
.dir-rtl .userlist table#participants td,
.dir-rtl .userlist table#participants th {text-align: right;}
-.dir-rtl .userlist table#participants {margin: 0 auto;}
+.dir-rtl .userlist table#participants {margin: 0 auto;}

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