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<p align="center"><b>Assignment Types</b></p>
<p>There are a growing number of assignment types available:</p>
<p><b>Offline activity</b></p><p>This is useful when the assignment
is performed outside of Moodle. It could be something elsewhere on
the web or face-to-face.</p><p>Students can see a description of the
assignment, but can't upload files or anything. Grading works normally,
and students will get notifications of their grades.</p>
<hr size="1" />
<p><b>Online text</b></p><p>This assignment type asks users to edit a
text, using the normal editing tools. Teachers can grade them online,
and even add inline comments or changes.</p>
<p>(If you are familiar with older versions of Moodle, this Assignment
type does the same thing as the old Journal module used to do.)</p>
<hr size="1" />
<p><b>Upload a single file</b></p><p>This type of assignment allows each
participant to upload a single file, of any type.</p> <p>This might be
a Word processor document, or an image, a zipped web site, or anything
you ask them to submit.</p><hr size="1" />

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