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MDL-32357 Try to fix unread post notification for blog-style forums.

I know that showing unread posts is not 100% blog-style, but I think
it is useful functionality, therefore, I chose to fix it, rather than,
say, disable it completely.

I think this fix will only affect blog-style forums since
forum_print_latest_discussions is only called with mode 'plain' in
three places:
1. Blog-style forums - the case we want to fix,
2. Site news forum, and
3. Social course format.

In all cases, having read tracking work properly seems like the
right thing to do.
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commit 1434fdf7a6c7d109c010e19bcf960813d1688f06 1 parent 3464845
@timhunt timhunt authored danpoltawski committed
Showing with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +2 −1  mod/forum/lib.php
3  mod/forum/lib.php
@@ -5438,7 +5438,8 @@ function forum_print_latest_discussions($course, $forum, $maxdiscussions=-1, $di
$discussion->forum = $forum->id;
- forum_print_post($discussion, $discussion, $forum, $cm, $course, $ownpost, 0, $link, false);
+ forum_print_post($discussion, $discussion, $forum, $cm, $course, $ownpost, 0, $link, false,
+ '', null, true, $forumtracked);
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