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Nothing todo here. New fields were there! B-)

But I've spent sometime trying to simulate one exercise and
I haven't been able to do it. Probably my own stupidity, but
things didn't work as I expected! :-(
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1 parent c7645a3 commit 14efbfc38524ca975a12d7f045e503b92c446e34 stronk7 committed Jan 30, 2005
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@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@ Now I show the specific detailed status of every item in the process:
6. DONE: user->policyagreed (analyse and proceed).
7. DONE: groups->password
8. DONE: assignment->emailteachers
- 9. TODO: exercise->usepassword and exercise->password
-10. TODO: exercise_assessments->generalcomment and teachercomment
+ 9. DONE: exercise->usepassword and exercise->password
+10. DONE: exercise_assessments->generalcomment and teachercomment
11. TODO: glossary->allowprintview
12. TODO: quiz_responses->answer (analyse).
13. TODO: quiz_calculated->correctaswerformat.

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