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Merge branch 'MDL-37527-23' of into MOODLE_2…

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2 parents 0d67439 + c5c330b commit 176bb7570bbf5235a81a04303e790775686c3a29 @danpoltawski danpoltawski committed
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  1. +1 −1 mod/assign/lib.php
2 mod/assign/lib.php
@@ -326,7 +326,7 @@ function assign_print_overview($courses, &$htmlarray) {
// get all user submissions, indexed by assignment id
$mysubmissions = $DB->get_records_sql("SELECT AS assignment, a.nosubmissions AS nosubmissions, g.timemodified AS timemarked, g.grader AS grader, g.grade AS grade, s.status AS status
FROM {assign} a LEFT JOIN {assign_grades} g ON g.assignment = AND g.userid = ? LEFT JOIN {assign_submission} s ON s.assignment = AND s.userid = ?
- AND $sqlassignmentids", array_merge(array($USER->id, $USER->id), $assignmentidparams));
+ WHERE $sqlassignmentids", array($USER->id, $USER->id));
foreach ($assignments as $assignment) {
// Do not show assignments that are not open

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