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optimzed SQL query in hotpot_get_participants to return only user ids…

… (not whole user record)
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1 parent dbddead commit 1a4969431c754b1824ce012c156d51e873a2af3a gbateson committed Jan 14, 2006
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  1. +2 −2 mod/hotpot/lib.php
@@ -1123,15 +1123,15 @@ function hotpot_get_precision(&$hotpot) {
function hotpot_get_participants($hotpotid) {
-//Must return an array of user records (all data) who are participants
+//Must return an array of user ids who are participants
//for a given instance of hotpot. Must include every user involved
//in the instance, independient of his role (student, teacher, admin...)
//See other modules as example.
global $CFG;
return get_records_sql("
- u.*
{$CFG->prefix}user u,
{$CFG->prefix}hotpot_attempts a

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