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MDL-21695 adding help strings

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1 parent 46325d3 commit 1aa7d9a016e6b02954348424f21d4622a190fe66 @wildgirl wildgirl committed May 6, 2010
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@@ -81,6 +81,7 @@
$string['changepassword'] = 'Change password URL';
$string['changepasswordhelp'] = 'Here you can specify a location at which your users can recover or change their username/password if they\'ve forgotten it. This will be provided to users as a button on the login page and their user page. If you leave this blank the button will not be printed.';
$string['chooseauthmethod'] = 'Choose an authentication method';
+$string['chooseauthmethod_help'] = 'This setting determines the authentication method used when the user logs in. Only enabled authentication plugins should be chosen, otherwise the user will no longer be able to login. To block the user from logging in, select "No login". ';
$string['incorrectpleasetryagain'] = 'Incorrect. Please try again.';
$string['infilefield'] = 'Field required in file';
$string['informminpassworddigits'] = 'at least {$a} digit(s)';

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