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MDL-20846 creating users on restore - new strings

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stronk7 committed Nov 18, 2009
1 parent c0c2459 commit 1ab9b8062f9a9f3bbed9f9154a7e32b89604223d
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@@ -1304,6 +1304,8 @@
$string['restore'] = 'Restore';
$string['restorecancelled'] = 'Restore canceled';
$string['restorecoursenow'] = 'Restore this course now!';
+$string['restoredaccount'] = 'Restored account';
+$string['restoredaccountinfo'] = 'This account was imported from another server and the password has been lost. To set a new password by email, please click \"Continue\"';
$string['restorefinished'] = 'Restore completed successfully';
$string['restoreto'] = 'Restore to';
$string['restoretositeadding'] = 'Warning: You are about to restore to the site front page, adding data to it!';

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