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Added new string for duplicate emails in lost password recovery.

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commit 1b1aa14cc954978d97224404aeddc25ffea32732 1 parent 869b144
thepurpleblob authored
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  1. +1 −0  lang/en/moodle.php
1  lang/en/moodle.php
@@ -513,6 +513,7 @@
$string['forcepasswordchangenotice'] = 'You must change your password to proceed.';
$string['forcetheme'] = 'Force theme';
$string['forgotten'] = 'Forgotten your username or password?';
+$string['forgottenduplicate'] = 'Automatic password recovery can not be completed as your email address appears in the database more than once. Please contact your administrator <a href=\"mailto:$a->email\">$a->firstname $a->lastname</a> .';
$string['forgotaccount'] = 'Lost password?';
$string['format'] = 'Format';
$string['formathtml'] = 'HTML format';

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