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MDL-36838 moodle->mahara mnet SSO failure in FF17

In MDL-36838 Firefox 17 users are unable to sso from moodle to mahara.

Firefox 17 uses a different user agent (UA) string for Moodle sites than it
does for Mahara or other sites.
This patch relaxes the check which previously required that the UA string
being presented to the SP on landing matched the UA string presented to the IP
when jumping.
Likewise, checks associated with logout calls have been relaxed
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peterbulmer committed Nov 27, 2012
1 parent f42c34a commit 1c65f683dc0a52e47fdf68e952c832d7c63e03a0
Showing with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −6 auth/mnet/auth.php
@@ -46,18 +46,18 @@ function user_login($username, $password) {
- * Return user data for the provided token, compare with user_agent string.
+ * Return user data for the provided token
* @param string $token The unique ID provided by remotehost.
- * @param string $UA User Agent string.
+ * @param string $UA User Agent string (as seen by SP) - ignored
* @return array $userdata Array of user info for remote host
function user_authorise($token, $useragent) {
global $CFG, $SITE, $DB;
$remoteclient = get_mnet_remote_client();
require_once $CFG->dirroot . '/mnet/xmlrpc/serverlib.php';
- $mnet_session = $DB->get_record('mnet_session', array('token'=>$token, 'useragent'=>$useragent));
+ $mnet_session = $DB->get_record('mnet_session', array('token'=>$token));
if (empty($mnet_session)) {
throw new mnet_server_exception(1, 'authfail_nosessionexists');
@@ -1087,14 +1087,14 @@ function kill_children($username, $useragent) {
* calls the function (over xmlrpc) provides us with the mnethostid we need.
* @param string $username Username for session to kill
- * @param string $useragent SHA1 hash of user agent to look for
+ * @param string $useragent SHA1 hash of user agent as seen by IdP - ignored
* @return bool True on success
function kill_child($username, $useragent) {
global $CFG, $DB;
$remoteclient = get_mnet_remote_client();
- $session = $DB->get_record('mnet_session', array('username'=>$username, 'mnethostid'=>$remoteclient->id, 'useragent'=>$useragent));
- $DB->delete_records('mnet_session', array('username'=>$username, 'mnethostid'=>$remoteclient->id, 'useragent'=>$useragent));
+ $session = $DB->get_record('mnet_session', array('username'=>$username, 'mnethostid'=>$remoteclient->id));
+ $DB->delete_records('mnet_session', array('username'=>$username, 'mnethostid'=>$remoteclient->id));
if (false != $session) {
return true;

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