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Aparup Banerjee
Aparup Banerjee committed Mar 27, 2012
2 parents a7cd1f5 + 186fc53 commit 1cc4412c89817e1d0b66d2e706ac1385e2bc6c78
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@@ -1503,7 +1503,7 @@ function message_search_users($courseid, $searchtext, $sort='', $exceptions='')
// everyone who has a role assignment in this course or higher
$params = array($USER->id, "%$searchtext%");
$users = $DB->get_records_sql("SELECT $ufields, as contactlistid, mc.blocked
$users = $DB->get_records_sql("SELECT DISTINCT $ufields, as contactlistid, mc.blocked
FROM {user} u
JOIN {role_assignments} ra ON ra.userid =
LEFT JOIN {message_contacts} mc

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