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mnet: MDL-20059 fix up login/mnet_email.php in a few places

Merged (belatedly from HEAD)
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1 parent 3022e49 commit 1ddd8283f94d2644d9eee0015da7944e1f9b1e6f Penny Leach committed Jan 13, 2010
Showing with 7 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +2 −0 lang/en_utf8/mnet.php
  2. +5 −1 login/mnet_email.php
@@ -242,6 +242,8 @@
$string['loginlinkmnetuser'] = '<br />If you are a Moodle Network remote user and can <a href=\"$a\">confirm your email address here</a>, you can be redirected to your login page.<br />';
$string['mnetidprovider'] = 'MNET ID Provider';
$string['mnetidprovidermsg'] = 'You should be able to login at your $a provider.';
+$string['mnetidproviderdesc'] = 'You can use this facility to retrieve a link that you can log in at, if you can provide the correct email address to match the username you previously tried to log in with.';
+$string['mnetidprovidernotfound'] = 'Sorry, but no further information could be found.';
$string['findlogin'] = 'Find Login';
$string['error7020'] = 'This error normally occurs if the remote site has created a record for you with the wrong wwwroot, for example, instead of You should contact the administrator of the remote site with your wwwroot (as specified in config.php) asking her to update her record for your host.';
@@ -14,14 +14,18 @@
$navigation = build_navigation(array(array('name' => $mnetidprovider, 'link' => null, 'type' => 'misc')));
print_header($mnetidprovider, $mnetidprovider, $navigation, '' );
+notify(get_string('mnetidproviderdesc', 'mnet'));
if ($form = data_submitted() and confirm_sesskey()) {
- if ($user = get_record('user', 'username', $username, 'email', $form->email)) {
+ if ($user = get_record_select('user', "username = '$username' AND email = '$form->email' AND mnethostid != $CFG->mnet_localhost_id")) {
if (!empty($user->mnethostid) and $host = get_record('mnet_host', 'id', $user->mnethostid)) {
$link = "<a href=\"{$host->wwwroot}/login/\">{$host->name}</a>";
+ if (empty($link)) {
+ notice(get_string('mnetidprovidernotfound', 'mnet'));
+ }
echo '<p>&nbsp;</p>';

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