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Some additional strings for version 2003101300.

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commit 1e18f1923cbf0ad8b2115f7e6bfc82a5c712382f 1 parent 39b7e05
rkingdon authored
Showing with 7 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +7 −0 lang/en/dialogue.php
7 lang/en/dialogue.php
@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
$string['addmynewentries'] = "Add my New Entries";
+$string['addmynewentry'] = "Add my New Entry";
+$string['addsubject'] = "Add Subject";
$string['allowmultiple'] = "Allow more than one Dialogue with the same person";
$string['allowstudentdialogues'] = "Allow Student-to-Student Dialogues";
$string['confirmclosure'] = "You are about to close a dialogue with \$a. Closed dialogues cannot be reopened. If you close this dialogue you can view it but not add to it, and you will have to start another dialogue to contnue &quot;talking&quot; this person.<br /><br />Are you sure you want to close this dialogue?";
@@ -28,6 +30,7 @@
$string['dialogueopened'] = "Dialogue opened with \$a";
$string['dialoguewith'] = "Dialogue with \$a";
+$string['furtherinformation'] = "Further Information";
$string['of'] = "of";
$string['everybody'] = "Everybody";
$string['open'] = "Open";
@@ -38,8 +41,10 @@
$string['newentry'] = "New Entry";
$string['noavailablepeople'] = "There is no one available to have a Dialogue with.";
$string['nopersonchosen'] = "No Person Chosen";
+$string['nosubject'] = "No Subject Entered";
$string['notextentered'] = "No Text Entered";
$string['notstarted'] = "You have not started this dialogue yet";
+$string['notyetseen'] = "Not yet seen";
$string['numberofentries'] = "Number of entries";
$string['numberofentriesadded'] = "Number of entries added: \$a";
$string['onwrote'] = "On \$a wrote";
@@ -54,10 +59,12 @@
$string['pane2one'] = "1 Dialogue awaiting a Reply from the other person";
$string['pane3'] = "\$a Closed Dialogues";
$string['pane3one'] = "1 Closed Dialogue";
+$string['seen'] = "Seen \$a ago";
$string['sendmailmessages'] = "Send Mail Messages about my new entries";
$string['status'] = "Status";
$string['studenttostudent'] = "Student to Student";
$string['subject'] = "Subject";
+$string['subjectadded'] = "Subject Added";
$string['teachertostudent'] = "Teacher to Student";
$string['typefirstentry'] = "Type the first entry here";
$string['typefollowup'] = "Type follow-up here";

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