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MDL-34328: block dragdrop - disallow dragging from show/hide and dock…

… icons

Tell the YUI drag/drop delegate that the show/hide and dock icons are not valid drag handles.  Otherwise, a drag can be initiated by showing or hiding a block (probably not from docking one, but better safe than sorry).  Not strictly related to MDL-34328, but likely to be encountered whilst testing - and closely related to another patch for MDL-34328.

Note that the "invalid" config option for the delegate takes a string - not an array - but can have multiple selectors separated by commas.
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commit 1e78b3e66f07d8f85bb0089c10f8e18edf380ceb 1 parent 6cc43fe
Paul Nicholls pauln authored andrewnicols committed

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  1. +1 0  lib/yui/blocks/blocks.js
1  lib/yui/blocks/blocks.js
@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ YUI.add('moodle-core-blocks', function(Y) {
74 74 nodes: '.'+CSS.BLOCK,
75 75 target: true,
76 76 handles: ['.'+CSS.HEADER],
  77 + invalid: '.block-hider-hide, .block-hider-show, .moveto',
77 78 dragConfig: {groups: this.groups}
78 79 });
79 80 del.dd.plug(Y.Plugin.DDProxy, {

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