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MDL-32379: Fix memory leak in session_set_user

session_set_user mistakingly sets the session user to be a reference to the passed object.

This is a problem when alot of data is attached to the session user object,
as any process holding a list of these users will use more memory each time it changes user.
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1 parent 9ad535c commit 22dc32042a92f1ed521afaf4352cd931c20b11ea @tlevi tlevi committed Apr 10, 2012
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  1. +1 −1 lib/sessionlib.php
@@ -1067,7 +1067,7 @@ function get_moodle_cookie() {
* @return void
function session_set_user($user) {
- $_SESSION['USER'] = $user;
+ $_SESSION['USER'] = clone $user;
unset($_SESSION['USER']->description); // conserve memory
sesskey(); // init session key

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