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Undoing an incorrect instance of htmlentity encoding a &. Probably go…

…t in

with all the XHTML frenzy. Thanks to Daryl for helping to debug this! :-)
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1 parent 8a68d4c commit 233ca8bf603fd76993298cb21bb453e577e019ef defacer committed Oct 3, 2004
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@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ function dispatch_sidekick($handle, $type, $sessionid, $customdata) {
// The refresh value is 2 seconds higher than the configuration variable because we are doing JS refreshes all the time.
// However, if the JS doesn't work for some reason, we still want to refresh once in a while.
$header .= "Refresh: ".(intval($CFG->chat_refresh_userlist) + 2)."; url=http://$CFG->chat_serverhost:$CFG->chat_serverport/?win=users&".
- "chat_sid=".$sessionid."&groupid=".$this->sets_info[$sessionid]['groupid']."\n";
+ "chat_sid=".$sessionid."&groupid=".$this->sets_info[$sessionid]['groupid']."\n";
$header .= "\n";
// That's enough headers for one lousy dummy response

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