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MDL-15392: fix output sanitization and put permalink back, in a xhtml…

…-strict compliant way.
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scyrma committed Jun 27, 2008
1 parent 020ce47 commit 25effd96822d7578d3a56f0636100046c4f9683f
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@@ -144,9 +144,9 @@ function blog_print_entry($blogEntry, $viewtype='full', $filtertype='', $filters
global $USER, $CFG, $COURSE, $ME;
$template['body'] = format_text($blogEntry->summary, $blogEntry->format);
//$template['title'] = '<a name="'. $blogEntry->subject .'"></a>';
$template['title'] = '<a id="'. s($blogEntry->subject) .'"></a>';
//enclose the title in nolink tags so that moodle formatting doesn't autolink the text
$template['title'] = '<span class="nolink">'.$blogEntry->subject.'</span>';
$template['title'] .= '<span class="nolink">'. format_string($blogEntry->subject) .'</span>';
$template['userid'] = $blogEntry->userid;
$template['author'] = fullname(get_record('user','id',$blogEntry->userid));
$template['lastmod'] = userdate($blogEntry->lastmodified);

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