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Adding a couple of error messages for XML import

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thepurpleblob committed May 8, 2007
1 parent 9c85777 commit 2966e4354879c1cc83d06451c2c3d055e83ed6af
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@@ -539,6 +539,8 @@
$string['wronguse'] = 'You can not use this page like that';
$string['xhtml'] = 'XHTML Format';
$string['xml'] = 'Moodle XML format';
+$string['xmlimportnoname'] = 'Missing question name in xml file';
+$string['xmlimportnoquestion'] = 'Missing question text in xml file';
$string['xmltypeunsupported'] = 'Question type $a is not supported by xml import';
$string['yourfinalgradeis'] = 'Your final grade for this quiz is $a.';
$string['zerosignificantfiguresnotallowed'] = 'The correct answer cannot have zero significant figures!';

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