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Added some Shibboleth error messages

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1 parent ccd0173 commit 2c4e3d951495299c72c7ecc4f98b704852f51e72 exe-cutor committed Oct 31, 2005
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3 lang/en/auth.php
@@ -120,6 +120,9 @@
$string['auth_shib_convert_data_description'] = 'You can use this API to further modify the data provided by Shibboleth. Read the <a href=\"../auth/shibboleth/README.txt\" target=\"_blank\">README</a> for further instructions.';
$string['auth_shib_instructions_help'] = 'Here you should provide custom instructions for your users to explain Shibboleth. It will be shown on the login page in the instructions section. It should include a link to a Shibboleth-protected resource that redirects users to \"<b>$a</b>\" so that Shibboleth users can login in Moodle. If you leave it blank, then standard instructions will be used (not Shibboleth-specific)';
$string['auth_shib_convert_data_warning'] = 'The file does not exist or is not readable by the webserver process!';
+$string['shib_not_set_up_error'] = 'Shibboleth authentication doesn\'t seem to be set up correctly. Please consult the <a href=\"README.txt\">README</a> for further instructions on how to set up Shibboleth authentication.';
+$string['shib_no_attributes_error'] = 'You seem to be Shibboleth authenticated but Moodle didn\'t receive any user attributes. Please check that your Identity Provider releases the necessary attributes ($a) to the Service Provider Moodle is running on or inform the webmaster of this server.';
+$string['shib_not_all_attributes_error'] = 'Moodle needs certain Shibboleth attributes which are not present in your case. The attributes are: $a<br>Please contact the webmaster of this server or your Identity Provider.';
$string['auth_updatelocal'] = 'Update local';
$string['auth_updatelocal_expl'] = '<p><b>Update local:</b> If enabled, the field will be updated (from external auth) every time the user logs in or there is a user synchronization. Fields set to update locally should be locked.</p>';
$string['auth_updateremote'] = 'Update external';

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