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MDL-34996 - Improve help text for Feedback dependancies

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commit 2c65cd8462b6a436b9cdb3c37ffccdf20c561753 1 parent d71c486
@grabs grabs authored
Showing with 13 additions and 15 deletions.
  1. +13 −15 mod/feedback/lang/en/feedback.php
28 mod/feedback/lang/en/feedback.php
@@ -62,28 +62,26 @@
$string['delete_old_items'] = 'Delete old items';
$string['delete_template'] = 'Delete template';
$string['delete_templates'] = 'Delete template...';
-$string['depending'] = 'depending items';
-$string['depending_help'] = 'Depending items allow you to show items depend on values from other items.<br />
-<strong>Here an build example to use it:</strong><br />
+$string['depending'] = 'Dependencies';
+$string['depending_help'] = 'It is possible to show an item depending on the value of another item.<br />
+<strong>Here is an example.</strong><br />
-<li>First create an item on which value other items depends.</li>
-<li>Next add a pagebreak.</li>
-<li>Next add the items depend on the item-value before<br />
-Choose in the item creation-form the item in the list "depend item" and put the needed value into the textbox "depend value".</li>
+<li>First, create an item on which another item will depend on.</li>
+<li>Next, add a pagebreak.</li>
+<li>Then add the items dependant on the value of the item created before. Choose the item from the list labelled "Dependence item" and write the required value in the textbox labelled "Dependence value".</li>
-<strong>The structure should looks like this:</strong>
+<strong>The item structure should look like this.</strong>
-<li>Item Q: do you have a car? A: yes/no</li>
+<li>Item Q: Do you have a car? A: yes/no</li>
-<li>Item Q: what color has your car?<br />
+<li>Item Q: What colour is your car?<br />
(this item depends on item 1 with value = yes)</li>
-<li>Item Q: why you have not a car?<br />
+<li>Item Q: Why don\'t you have a car?<br />
(this item depends on item 1 with value = no)</li>
<li> ... other items</li>
-That is all. Have fun!';
-$string['dependitem'] = 'depend item';
-$string['dependvalue'] = 'depend value';
+$string['dependitem'] = 'Dependence item';
+$string['dependvalue'] = 'Dependence value';
$string['description'] = 'Description';
$string['do_not_analyse_empty_submits'] = 'Do not analyse empty submits';
$string['dropdown'] = 'Multiple choice - single answer allowed (dropdownlist)';

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