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New strings for improved resubmission handling.

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rkingdon committed Oct 5, 2003
1 parent 12fbf69 commit 2e217fcfc1efcb1d63d0f4ebe6345f8c21f1a673
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  1. +6 −0 lang/en/workshop.php
@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
$string['assessmentby'] = "Assessment by \$a";
$string['assessmentgrade'] = "Assessment Grade: \$a";
$string['assessmentnotyetagreed'] = "Assessment not yet agreed";
+$string['assessmentofresubmission'] = "This is an Assessment of a revised piece of the work. <br />The form here has been filled with your previous grades and comments. <br />Please amend these after looking at the revised work.";
$string['assessmentsby'] = "Assessments by \$a";
$string['assessmentsmustbeagreed'] = "Assessments must be agreed";
$string['assessments'] = "Assessments";
@@ -82,6 +83,9 @@
$string['mail5'] = "The new comment can be seen in the Workshop Assignment '\$a'";
$string['mail6'] = "Your assessment of the assignment '\$a' has by reviewed";
$string['mail7'] = "The comments given by the \$a can be seen in the Workshop Assignment ";
+$string['mail8'] = "The assignment \$a is a revised piece of work. ";
+$string['mail9'] = "Please assess it in the workshop assignment \$a ";
+$string['mail10'] = "You can assess it in your workshop assignment ";
$string['maximumsize'] = "Maximum Size";
$string['modulename'] = "Workshop";
$string['modulenameplural'] = "Workshops";
@@ -155,7 +159,9 @@
$string['studentsubmissionsforassessment'] = "\$a Student Submissions for Assessment";
$string['studentsubmissions'] = "\$a Submissions";
$string['submitassignment'] = "Submit Assignment";
+$string['submitassignmentusingform'] = "Submit your Assignment using this Form";
$string['submitexampleassignment'] = "Submit Example Assignment";
+$string['submitrevisedassignment'] = "Submit your Revised Assignment using this Form";
$string['submitted'] = "Submitted";
$string['submittedby'] = "Submitted by";
$string['submission'] = "Submission";

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