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Updated IMS CP help file (bug 4628) and added repository help file

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1 parent 06ebc30 commit 2f5d8f3eff50d47e29569c16e0ef88803e22fa42 wildgirl committed Apr 18, 2006
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  1. +7 −0 lang/en_utf8/help/resource/deploy.html
  2. +6 −11 lang/en_utf8/help/resource/imsparameters.html
7 lang/en_utf8/help/resource/deploy.html
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+<p><b>Deploy All</b></p>
+<p>Packages need to be deployed before being viewed. An administrator may deploy all packages in the repository simultaneously.<p>
17 lang/en_utf8/help/resource/imsparameters.html
@@ -1,16 +1,11 @@
-<p align="center"><b>IMS Resource Parameters</b></p>
+<p><b>IMS Content Package Parameters</b></p>
-<p>Using this parameters you can configure how the IMS Content Package
- will be displayed:</p>
-<p><li><b>Table of Contents:</b> Enablig this option the first page of the
- package will show a table of contents of the resource. To avoid that
- autogenerated page, disable this option.</li></p>
-<p><li><b>Navigation Buttons:</b>Enabling this option each page will show
- some navigational buttons to go to the previous and next page in the
- package. To avoid that buttons, disable this option.</li></p>
+<li>Navigation side menu - A list of links on the left of the content</li>
+<li>Table of contents (TOC) - A list of links on the initial page, plus a TOC button (if Navigation buttons are displayed)</li>
+<li>Navigation buttons - Previous and Next buttons, plus optional TOC and Up buttons</li>
+<li>Skip sub-menu pages - Omit sub-menu navigation</li>
+<li>Up button - A button for returning to the section navigation</li>

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