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hansdezwart authored
14 lang/nl/help/MFC5A.tmp
@@ -1,14 +0,0 @@
-<p align="center"><b>Grades</b></p>
-<P>Many of the activities allow grades to be set.</p>
-<p>By default, the results of all grades within the
- course can be seen in the Grades page, available
- from the main course page.</p>
-<p>If a teacher is not interested in using grades in a
- course, or just wants to hide grades from students,
- then they can disable the display of grades in the
- Course Settings. This does not prevent individual
- activities from using or setting grades, it just
- disables the results being displayed to students.</p>
8 lang/nl/help/forum/MFC5C.tmp
@@ -1,8 +0,0 @@
- <li><a href="help.php?module=forum&file=allowdiscussions.html">Allow discussions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=forum&file=attachment.html">Attachment</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=forum&file=forumtype.html">Forum type</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=forum&file=ratings.html">Ratings</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=forum&file=subscription.html">Subscription</a>
8 lang/nl/help/forum/MFC5E.tmp
@@ -1,8 +0,0 @@
-<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/forum/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Forums</B></P>
-<P>This activity can be the most important - it is here that most discussion takes place.
- Forums can be structured in different ways, and can include peer rating of each posting.
- The postings can be viewed in a variety for formats, and can include attachments.
- By subscribing to a forum, participants will receive copies of each new posting
- in their email. A teacher can impose subscription on everyone if they want to.
14 lang/nl/help/journal/MFC62.tmp
@@ -1,14 +0,0 @@
-<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/journal/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Logboeken</B></P>
-<P>Deze module is een belangrijke activiteit voor reflectie. De docent
-vraagt de leerling om te over een bepaald onderwerp te reflecteren en de leerling
-kan steeds hun antwoord wijzigen en bijschaven. Het antwoord is priv� en kan
-alleen worden bekeken door de docent. De docent kan feedback geven en een beoordeling
-voor elk logboek. Het is meestal een goed idee om
- asks the student to reflect on a particular topic, and the student can
- edit and refine their answer over time. This answer is private and
- can only be seen by the teacher, who can offer feedback and a grade
- on each journal entry. It's usually a good idea to have about one
- Journal activity per week.</P>
7 lang/nl/help/quiz/MFC64.tmp
@@ -1,7 +0,0 @@
-<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Description</B></P>
-<P>This type of question is not really a question. </p>
-<p>All it does is print some text without requiring any answers.</p>
-<P>It can be used to print a descriptive text to be used by a following group of questions.</p>
3  lang/nl/help/quiz/MFC66.tmp
@@ -1,3 +0,0 @@
-<p align=center><b>Importing "Blackboard Quiz Format" files</b></p>
-<p>Documentation not completed</p>
30 lang/nl/help/quiz/MFC68.tmp
@@ -1,30 +0,0 @@
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=review.html">Allow review once quiz is closed</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=attempts.html">Attempts</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=categories.html">Categories</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=correctanswers.html">Correct answers</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=createmultiple.html">Creating multiple quizzes</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=description.html">Descriptions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=repeatattempts.html">Each attempt buids on the last</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=multianswer.html">Embedded Answers (Cloze)</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=grademethod.html">Grading method</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=import.html">Importing questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=formatblackboard.html">Importing Blackboard quiz files</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=formatcustom.html">Importing custom quiz files</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=formatmissingword.html">Importing "Missing Word" files</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=match.html">Matching questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=maxgrade.html">Maximum grade</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=multichoice.html">Multiple choice questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=numerical.html">Numerical questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=timeopen.html">Opening and closing the quiz</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=feedback.html">Question feedback</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=questiontypes.html">Question types- creating a new question</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=random.html">Random questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=randomsamatch.html">Random Short-Answer Matching questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=shortanswer.html">Short Answer questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=shuffleanswers.html">Shuffle answers</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=shufflequestions.html">Shuffle questions</a>
- <li><a href="help.php?module=quiz&file=truefalse.html">True/False questions</a>
11 lang/nl/help/quiz/MFC6A.tmp
@@ -1,11 +0,0 @@
-<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/quiz/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Quizzes</B></P>
-<P>This module allows the teacher to design and set quiz tests, consisting of
- multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions. These
- questions are kept in a categorised database, and can be re-used
- within courses and even between courses. Quizzes can allow
- multiple attempts. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the
- teacher can choose whether to give feedback or to show correct answers.
- This module includes grading facilities.</P>
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