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MDL-9214 - improve comment for custom login instructions

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danpoltawski committed Jun 27, 2012
1 parent 6be7840 commit 31886e4651465cbcf5b6fd90b7485fb9e76a33f7
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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
$string['auth_changepasswordurl'] = 'Change password URL';
$string['auth_changepasswordurl_expl'] = 'Specify the url to send users who have lost their {$a} password. Set <strong>Use standard Change Password page</strong> to <strong>No</strong>.';
$string['auth_changingemailaddress'] = 'You have requested a change of email address, from {$a->oldemail} to {$a->newemail}. For security reasons, we are sending you an email message at the new address to confirm that it belongs to you. Your email address will be updated as soon as you open the URL sent to you in that message.';
$string['authinstructions'] = 'Here you can provide instructions for your users, so they know which username and password they should be using. The text you enter here will appear on the login page. If you leave this blank then no instructions will be printed.';
$string['authinstructions'] = 'Leave this blank for the default login instructions to be displayed on the login page. If you want to provide custom login instructions, enter them here.';
$string['auth_invalidnewemailkey'] = 'Error: if you are trying to confirm a change of email address, you may have made a mistake in copying the URL we sent you by email. Please copy the address and try again.';
$string['auth_multiplehosts'] = 'Multiple hosts OR addresses can be specified (eg;; or (eg;';
$string['auth_outofnewemailupdateattempts'] = 'You have run out of allowed attempts to update your email address. Your update request has been cancelled.';

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