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1 parent 5c2ba38 commit 319b375eccfba9618f38110500d1f40cfde3b5d5 rkingdon committed May 8, 2003
@@ -2,10 +2,12 @@
<P>This number determines whether the students are asked to peer assess
other students' work. If it is
- not zero then each student is offered that number of peices
+ not zero then each student is offered that number of pieces
of work from other students. After assessment the originator of the work
- can view the comments and grade given by their peer. The teacher can also,
+ can view the comments and possibly the grade given by their peer.
+ (The peer assessment process may be iterative depending on the setting of
+ &quot;Agree Assessments&quot; option.) The teacher can also,
if desired, grade these assessments and those grades can be used in the calculation of
- the final marks. The student is show the teacher's comments and grade
+ the final marks. The student is shown the teacher's comments and grade
for each of their assessments if available.
@@ -1,22 +1,15 @@
-<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>When to display Grades</B></P>
+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Hiding the Display of Grades</B></P>
-<P>A peer graded assignment can have either of these characteristics:
-<LI>In the peer grading phase the students see the feedback on the
- assessment elements, the general comment and the grades given
- by the other students. The students are shown both the individual
- assessment element grades and their overall grade. This may lead
- into more disputes than the second type of peer graded assignment...
-<LI>In the peer grading phase the students see only the feadback on the
- assessment elements and the general comment made by
- the other students. The grades for the individual assessment elements are
- not revealed (although they are held in the system). Further, the students
- do not see their overall grades as given by their peers. Only when the
- comments have been agreed are the grades (and the overall grade)
- shown. This type of peer graded assignment is likely to be less
- contentious than the first type.
+<P>This option can be used in a workshop assignment where there
+ must be agreement between the students on each assessment .
+ The default value is to show the student whose work is being
+ assessed both the comments and the grades in the peer assessments. This
+ may lead to more disputes than when the option is turned on and the
+ assessments are shown without the grades.
+<P>If the option is taken to hide grades in the peer assessments the
+ grades are revealed once agreement has been reached. This agreement
+ will, of course, have been made only on the comments. If these comments
+ do not reasonably match the grades then the student whose work is being
+ assessed may well appeal to the teacher.
@@ -2,33 +2,45 @@
$string['accumulative'] = "Accumulative";
$string['action'] = "Action";
+$string['addacomment'] = "Add a Comment";
$string['afterdeadline'] = "After Deadline: \$a";
+$string['agreetothisassessment'] = "Agree to this Assessment";
$string['allgradeshaveamaximumof'] = "All Grades have a Maximum of: \$a";
$string['allowresubmit'] = "Allow Resubmissions";
$string['alreadyinphase'] = "Already in Phase \$a";
$string['amendassessmentelements'] = "Amend Assessment Elements";
$string['assess'] = "Assess";
+$string['assessedon'] = "Assessed on \$a";
+$string['assessment'] = "Assessment";
$string['assessmentgrade'] = "Assessment Grade: \$a";
+$string['assessmentnotyetagreed'] = "Assessment not yet agreed";
$string['assessmentsby'] = "Assessments by \$a";
+$string['assessmentsmustbeagreed'] = "Assessments must be agreed";
$string['assessments'] = "Assessments";
$string['assessmentsareok'] = "Assessments are OK";
$string['assessmentsdone'] = "Assessments Done";
+$string['assessmentwasagreedon'] = "Assessment was agreed on \$a";
+$string['assessor'] = "Assessor";
$string['assessthissubmission'] = "Assess this submission";
$string['assessmentofthissubmission'] = "Assessment of this submission";
$string['assignmentnotinthecorrectphase'] = "Assignment not in the Correct Phase";
+$string['authorofsubmission'] = "Author of Submission";
$string['awaitinggradingbyteacher'] = "Awaiting Grading by \$a";
$string['beforedeadline'] = "Before Deadline: \$a";
$string['calculationoffinalgrades'] = "Calculation of Final Grades";
$string['closeassignment'] = "Close Assignment";
$string['comment'] = "Comment";
+$string['commentby'] = "Comment by";
$string['criteria'] = "Criteria";
$string['deadline'] = "Deadline";
$string['deadlineis'] = "The Deadline is \$a";
$string['description'] = "Description";
$string['detailsofassessment'] = "Details of Assessment";
+$string['disagreewiththisassessment'] = "Disagree with this Assessment";
$string['displayoffinalgrades'] = "Display of Final Grades";
$string['dontshowgrades'] = "Don't Show Grades";
$string['edit'] = "Edit";
+$string['editacomment'] = "Edit a Comment";
$string['editingassessmentelements'] = "Editing Assessment Elements";
$string['element'] = "Element";
$string['elementweight'] = "Element Weight";
@@ -45,6 +57,7 @@
$string['gradeforstudentsassessment'] = "Grade for Student's Assessment";
$string['gradeofsubmission'] = "Grade of Submission: \$a";
$string['gradingstrategy'] = "Grading Strategy";
+$string['hidegradesbeforeagreement'] = "Hide Grades before Agreement";
$string['includeteachersgrade'] = "Include Teacher's Grade";
$string['listofallsubmissions'] = "List of all Submissions";
$string['managingassignment'] = "Managing Assignment";
@@ -69,6 +82,7 @@
$string['numberofassessmentelements'] = "Number of Comments, Assessment Elements, Grade Bands or Criteria Statments";
$string['numberofassessmentsofstudentsubmissions'] = "Number of Assessments of Student Submissions";
$string['numberofassessmentsofteachersexamples'] = "Number of Assessments of Examples from Teacher";
+$string['on'] = "on \$a";
$string['openassignment'] = "Open Assignment";
$string['optionforpeergrade'] = "Option for Peer Grade";
$string['overallgrade'] = "Overall Grade";
@@ -82,8 +96,10 @@
$string['phase4'] = "Show Final Grades";
$string['pleaseassesstheseexamplesfromtheteacher'] = "Please assess these Examples from the \$a";
$string['pleaseassessthesestudentsubmissions'] = "Please assess these \$a Submissions";
+$string['reply'] = "Reply";
$string['returntosubmissionpage'] = "Return to Submission Page";
$string['savemyassessment'] = "Save my Assessment";
+$string['savemycomment'] = "Save my Comment";
$string['savedok'] = "Saved OK";
$string['savemygrading'] = "Save my Grading";
$string['scaleyes'] = "2 point Yes/No scale";

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