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<P>To use Moodle's CVS archive (as a developer) from a Unix machine, you first
need to have an account on <a href="">Sourceforge</a>. For
the example, let's assume your username is <strong>myusername</strong> and your
- password is <strong>mypassword</strong>. Secondly, you need to contact &lt;A
- HREF=&quot;;&gt;Martin&lt;/A&gt; to get write access
+ password is <strong>mypassword</strong>. Secondly, you need to contact me (<A
+ HREF="">Martin Dougiamas</A>) to get write access
to particular directories.</P>
<P>With that done, you should have all the permissions you need, so you just need
to set up your machine and download the current sources so you can start working

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