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Added help for IMS QTI and Moodle XML formats

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<p align="right"><a href="help.php?file=formatgift.html&module=quiz">More info about the "GIFT" format</a></p>
+<p><b>Moodle XML format</b></p>
+<p>This Moodle specific format exports quiz questions in a simple XML format. They
+can then be imported into another quiz category or used in some other process such as
+an XSLT transformation</p>
+<p><b>IMS QTI</b></p>
+<p>Exports in the standard IMS QTI format. Note that this generates a group of files.</p>
+<p align="right"><a href="" target="_qti">More information on the IMS QTI site</a>
+ (external site in new window)</p>
<p>More formats are yet to come, including WebCT, IMS QTI and whatever else
Moodle users can contribute! </p>
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