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<P>As Moodle gains in maturity, I hope its directions are influenced by the community
of developers and users. A dynamic database of proposed features and their status
can be found at <A TARGET=_top HREF=""></A>.
- Your <a href="developer.html">contributions</a> in the form of ideas, code,
+ Your <A href="developer.html">contributions</a> in the form of ideas, code,
feedback and promotion are all very welcome.
-<P>Now that 1.0.1 has been released, most of my efforts will concentrate on the
- macro level (supporting larger classes and integrating into larger institutions)
- and the micro level (improving support for decisions and processes, for both
- teachers and learners).
+<P>Until about April 2003, my own involvement will slow down while I finish my PhD thesis.
+ During this time there will still be releases, but they will only contain minor
+ new features and bug fixes. I will also be including modules and other code contributed
+ by others.
-<P>The next 6 months or so I will have to slow down my own development a little
- (because I have a PhD thesis to finish). During this time there'll be a number
- of small upgrades 1.0.2, 1.0.3 etc that I expect will contain minor new features
- and polishing. I'll also be working with people adding new plugins (support for
- more databases, new modules and new themes).
+<P>After this time, by around June/July 2003, I am expecting a major release called Moodle 2.0
+ that will include major new features such as:
+ <UL>
+ <LI>Stronger pedagogical support for both teachers and students
+ <LI>Support for groups and group work
+ <LI>Rewritten display incorporating XML, XSL and CSS for full flexibility
+ and compatibility with all modern web standards.
+ <LI>A variety of new modules (chat, tracker etc)
+ <LI>Whatever else seems most important at the time :-)
+ </UL>
-<P>Sometime in the first half of 2003 you can expect a major release (1.1, maybe 1.5) that has
- new features like:
- <UL>
- <LI>Full user account management (eg connection to external databases, import/export etc)
- <LI>Full grade management
- <LI>Ability to define groups and group work
- <LI>Automatic linking in texts to uploaded resources (like Wiki)
- <LI>Online support for teachers to design and maintain classes
- <LI>Online support for students in collaboration processes
- </UL>
+<P>About this time I will also be experimenting with ways of making
+ Moodle development more sustainable for the long term. This may
+ include offering services for payment - although the software itself
+ will always remain Free.
<P ALIGN="CENTER">&nbsp;</P>
<P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT SIZE="1"><A HREF="." TARGET="_top">Moodle Documentation</A></FONT></P>

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