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MDL-34033 lang - ammend configenableajax

Now better reflects its functionality.
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danpoltawski committed Jun 27, 2012
1 parent 6be7840 commit 3b0ba40ac54b5328d66c583b2cb33c88003917fa
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@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@
$string['configeditordictionary'] = 'This value will be used if aspell doesn\'t have dictionary for users own language.';
$string['configeditorfontlist'] = 'Select the fonts that should appear in the editor\'s drop-down list.';
$string['configemailchangeconfirmation'] = 'Require an email confirmation step when users change their email address in their profile.';
$string['configenableajax'] = 'This setting allows you to control the use of AJAX (advanced client/server interfaces using Javascript) across the whole site. With this setting enabled users can still make a choice in their profile, otherwise AJAX is disabled for everybody.';
$string['configenableajax'] = 'This setting controls the use of AJAX across the site. AJAX is required for certain functionality such as drag and drop.';
$string['configenablecalendarexport'] = 'Enable exporting or subscribing to calendars.';
$string['configenablecomments'] = 'Enable comments';
$string['configenablecourserequests'] = 'This will allow any user to request a course be created.';

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