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MDL-31803 lang - make the mooch registration message more descriptive

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wildgirl authored and danpoltawski committed Jun 5, 2012
1 parent 0b1f477 commit 3c97ce24612630ca678d59d835087afcebf543e2
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@@ -851,7 +851,7 @@
$string['registermoodleorg'] = 'When you register your site with {$a}';
$string['registermoodleorgli1'] = 'You are added to a low-volume mailing list for important notifications such as security alerts and new releases of Moodle.';
$string['registermoodleorgli2'] = 'Statistics about your site will be added to the {$a} of the worldwide Moodle community.';
-$string['registermoodleorgli3'] = 'Your site is also registered with the Open Community Hub ({$a}).';
+$string['registermoodleorgli3'] = 'Your site is also registered with the Open Community Hub ({$a}), allowing users with the publish courses capability (by default only managers) the option of publishing courses to MOOCH.';
$string['registerwithmoodleorg'] = 'Register with';
$string['registration'] = 'Registration';
$string['registration_help'] = 'It is recommended to register on to receive security email alerts, to contribute to the Moodle growth and statistics, or to be able to share courses on MOOCH.';

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