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Extra strings for index.php page.

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commit 3ca5e8bee886276322fc1314e176013a1b6247ea 1 parent 50bdc74
rkingdon authored
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  1. +5 −0 lang/en/exercise.php
5 lang/en/exercise.php
@@ -80,10 +80,15 @@
$string['onesubmission'] = "One Submission";
$string['optionaladjustment'] = "Optional Adjustment";
$string['overallgrade'] = "Overall Grade";
+$string['phase'] = "Phase";
$string['phase1'] = "Set Up Exercise";
+$string['phase1short'] = "Set Up";
$string['phase2'] = "Allow \$a Assessments and Submissions";
+$string['phase2short'] = "Open";
$string['phase3'] = "Stop \$a Assessments and Submissions";
+$string['phase3short'] = "Closed";
$string['phase4'] = "Show Overall Grades and League Table";
+$string['phase4short'] = "Display";
$string['pleasegradetheassessment'] = "Please Grade the Assessment of this Piece of Work by \$a";
$string['pleasesubmityourwork'] = "Please submit your Work using this Form";
$string['pleaseusethisform'] = "Please complete this form when you have <br />finished the instructions in the exercise shown below.";
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