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MDL-14741 - update to dragmath plugin in tinymce, files sent by Mauno.

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scyrma committed Jun 16, 2008
1 parent 99cb86b commit 3cf53bcad7af0472e8decf8466bcea1c88d2cd12
@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@
<Lang displayName="Español" fileName="es"></Lang>
<Lang displayName="français" fileName="fr"></Lang>
<Lang displayName="Nederlands" fileName="nl"></Lang>
<Lang displayName="Norsk" fileName="no"></Lang>
<Lang displayName="polski" fileName="pl"></Lang>
<Lang displayName="Pyccĸий" fileName="ru"></Lang>
<Lang displayName="svenska" fileName="sv"></Lang>
@@ -28,5 +29,7 @@
<Format displayName="Maple" fileName="Maple"></Format>
<Format displayName="MathML" fileName="MathML"></Format>
<Format displayName="Maxima" fileName="Maxima"></Format>
<Format displayName="MoodleTex" fileName="MoodleTex"></Format>
<Format displayName="ASCIIMathML" fileName="ASCIIMathML"></Format>
Binary file not shown.

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