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1 parent af4a245 commit 3e2a8606de3053a7c046503eb1d93ff88c195b98 Patrick Malley committed Jun 25, 2010
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@@ -23,7 +23,8 @@
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
+$screenshot = $CFG->dirroot .'/theme/nonzero/pix/screenshot.jpg';
$string['pluginname'] = 'Nonzero';
$string['region-side-post'] = 'Right';
$string['region-side-pre'] = 'Left';
-$string['choosereadme'] = 'Nonzero, a Moodle 2.0 theme developed by Patrick Malley. Credit for the original design of this theme belongs to';
+$string['choosereadme'] = '<div class="clearfix"><div class="theme_screenshot"><h2>Nonzero</h2><img src="nonzero/pix/screenshot.jpg" /><h3>Theme Discussion Forum:</h3><p><a href=""></a></p><h3>Theme Documentation:</h3><p><a href=""></a></p><h3>Report a bug:</h3><p><a href=""></a></p></div><div class="theme_description"><h2>About</h2><p>Nonzero is a nontraditional, three-column, fluid-width theme for Moodle. It\'s nontraditional in the sense that it uses a fresh three-column layout that displays the content to the left of both block columns.<h2>Tweaks</h2><p>This theme is built upon both Base and Canvas, two parent themes included in the Moodle core. If you want to modify this theme, we recommend that you first duplicate it, then rename it before making your changes. This will prevent your customized theme from being overwritten by future Moodle upgrades, and you\'ll still have the original files if you screw things up. More information on modifying themes can be found in the <a href="">MoodleDocs</a>.</p><!--<h2>Credits</h2>This Moodle 2.0 theme was developed by Patrick Malley (<a href="">NewSchool Learning</a>). Credit for the original design of this theme belongs to <a href="">NodeThirtyThree</a>.--></div></div>';

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