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MDL-28725 wiki: added missing string

 CPY [invalidsection,core_admin],[invalidsection,mod_wiki]
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1 parent 228d24f commit 41017112cff7f5bd7969c72d321320f3090e7c68 @andyjdavis andyjdavis committed Sep 2, 2011
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@@ -93,6 +93,7 @@
$string['insertimage_help'] = 'This drop-down list will insert an image to the wiki editor. If you need to add more images to the wiki, please use "Files" tab.';
$string['invalidlock'] = 'This page is already locked by another user.';
$string['invalidparameters'] = 'Invalid parameters have been given.';
+$string['invalidsection'] = 'Invalid section.';
$string['invalidsesskey'] = 'The given sesskey is not valid. Please resend data again';
$string['individualpagedoesnotexist'] = 'Individual wiki page doesn\'t exist';
$string['javascriptdisabledlocks'] = 'Javascript is disabled on your browser and locks are not working. The changes you make may not be saved correctly.';

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