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Merged various new functionalities from 1.9 into 1.8

MDL-9616 - Custom checks in environment.xml
MDL-9616 - tidy up
* add a better message in the table for these checks.
* improve existing strings for other types of check.
* remove a line of debug code.
Added new check to be able to compare current and target
moodle versions. Executed only on upgrade (not at install). MDL-10722
MDL-10938. 'only strings from lang files can be used as feedback in environment check. Some way is needed to include data from custom check function - a $a param to pass to get_string'. Custom check for questions uses new functionality to print more complex strings as feedback.
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jamiesensei committed Aug 22, 2007
1 parent 0d8b628 commit 42e28aa6cab60231bff664153e675b6b9995f7be
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