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Updated IMS CP help file (bug 4628)

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1 parent 2f5d8f3 commit 45f4544f3171292dfa5018fa82cd26857d80bb79 wildgirl committed Apr 18, 2006
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21 lang/en_utf8/help/resource/type/ims.html
@@ -2,22 +2,11 @@
-<p>This resource type allows you to deploy packages conforming the
+<p>This resource type allows you add packages conforming to the
<a href=""
- target="_new">IMS Content Package specifications</a>.</p>
-<p>Simply upload the .zip file containig the package, choose it in the
- FileManager and press the <b>&lt;Deploy&gt;</b> button.</p>
-<p>There are many options for displaying your content in popup windows,
- framed windows and so on.</p>
-<p>You can decide many aspects about how the package will be deployed
- table of contents, navigation buttons...)</p>
+ target="_new">IMS content packaging specifications</a> to your course.</p>
-<p>This resource type is highly experimental so, please, send any problem,
- idea or improvement to the <a href=""
- target="_new">"Resource module forum"</a> at <a href=""
- target="_new"></a>.</p>
+<p>Simply upload a zipped package and deploy.</p>
+<p>There are various options for displaying content in a popup window, with a navigation menu or buttons etc.</p>

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